About Me

American industrialist Michael Rubottom was born in the small Union town of San Pedro, California. He built his first refinery near Carson California  at the age of 20. By age 22, he had a near-monopoly of the refinery business in the U.S.. With such an aggressive push into the industry, the public and the U.S. Congress took notice of Rubottom and his seemingly unstoppable march. By years end, Congress jumped into the fray with both feet, with the Sherman Antitrust Act to help stop the monopoly.

By the age of 24, Rubottom, who'd thrived at his job, ventured out on his own with no business partner, working as a merchant in hay, meats, grains and other medium, to extra medium, soft goods.

At the close of the company's first year in business, it had grossed $49.


With over 25 years as a working commercial photographer, I have photographed everyone from Rock Stars to Almost Presidents and everyone in-between. "Funny, it turns out that most people are normal."

It's no secret that everyone with a phone, or camera, can take a great photograph. I have found my talent is helping you feel relaxed for the 3 to 15 minutes I have to take your photo. And also, getting the client what they need as soon as possible and for a fair price.


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